Welcome to Career Fit

Career Fit is a professional, practical and inexpensive career guidance programme that gives young people and adults a list of jobs, occupations or careers that they will find interesting and that they will be able to do, or learn how to do: shows them how to go about getting into them and, once they have experience in them, how to become more skilled in them or move on to other career challenges. It has two main parts:

An occupational interests questionnaire (O.I.I.) from which the individual’s relative level of interest in 15 job categories is presented; the 3, 4 or 5 highest ones are highlighted and a list of 48 individual jobs, occupations and careers are generated which the individual is likely to find interesting and motivating.

The second part – the C.A.I. – is made up of 3 key aptitude exercises. These are Verbal, Numerical and Abstract or Observational exercises from which 45 jobs, occupations or careers that a person will be well able to do – or learn how to do – are generated.

Option 1 O.I.I.


  • Job categories and specific occupations that will interest you the most

Option 2 C.A.I.


  • List of jobs, occupations or careers for which you have the right mix and level of aptitudes