About Us

Our Mission

At CareerFit, we’re driven by a simple yet powerful mission: to make the world a better place with happy people in fulfilling, rewarding careers. We believe in the transformative power of finding the right career – one that aligns with an individual’s interests, abilities, and aspirations.

Through our innovative platform and services, we aim to illuminate the path to such careers for students, career changers, and professionals alike, supporting them at every stage of their career journey.

What We Do

CareerFit offers a comprehensive career discovery and guidance solution, designed to empower individuals to make informed decisions about their future career paths. Our platform leverages advanced psychometric assessments and a modern interest inventory to provide personalised career recommendations, drawn from a database of over 1,260 detailed career profiles.

For students and individuals seeking direction, CareerFit provides a clear, insightful report outlining up to 16 career paths that resonate with their unique mix of interests and abilities. For career guidance counsellors in schools and private practice, we offer a valuable tool that enhances the efficiency and depth of their guidance process, supplemented by a free, adaptable programme that integrates CareerFit reports with activities and exercises for a comprehensive career exploration experience.

Our Impact

CareerFit is more than just a tool; it’s a movement towards informed, confident career decisions.

We have supported countless individuals in navigating their career journeys, from young students making their first choices about their future paths to seasoned professionals seeking a change.

Our work has enabled meaningful conversations, opened up new possibilities, and, most importantly, helped individuals to step into careers that bring them joy and satisfaction.

Why Choose CareerFit?

Personalised Insights

Our tailored approach ensures that every individual receives career recommendations that truly match their personal profile.

Real-World Clarity

We provide detailed, realistic insights into each career, moving beyond idealised descriptions to offer a genuine understanding of what each path entails.

Empowering Technology

Our platform is designed with user experience in mind, making career exploration an accessible, engaging, and enlightening process.

Flexibility for Professionals

For career guidance counsellors, CareerFit offers a seamless integration into their existing workflows, complete with the option for co-branding reports for private practices.

Committed to Accessibility

We strive to make CareerFit as accessible as possible, offering our services at a value that ensures no one is left behind in their quest for career satisfaction.

CareerFit’s Team

Stephen Shortt

Stephen Shortt

Chief Executive Officer

Mick Leonard

Mick Leonard

Chief Operations Officer

Lea Paradikovic

Lea Paradikovic

Head of CareerFit

Join Us on Our Mission

Whether you’re an individual exploring your career options, a counsellor looking to enhance your guidance programme, or a school principal or career guidance counsellor committed to preparing your students for their futures, CareerFit invites you to join us.

Together, we can shape a world where every career decision is informed, every pathway is clear, and every individual can find joy and fulfilment in their work.

Discover the difference CareerFit can make. Begin your journey with us today!