Career Fit – The O.I.I and C.A.I

Career Fit has two components- the Occupational Interests Index (O.I.I) which focuses on what careers will interest you and the Career Aptitudes Index (C.A.I) which focuses on what careers are suited to your aptitudes.

Occupational Interests Index

The Occupational Interests Index (O.I.I) is a practical, topical and fun questionnaire that provides a comprehensive yet easy to understand presentation of your career and occupational interests across 15 categories or “families”. It highlights the 4 categories and 48 specific jobs within these 15 categories that you will find most interesting.


Career Aptitude Index

The Career Aptitude Index (C.A.I) is also a practical, topical and interesting assessment. It provides you with a list of 45 jobs that you will be well able to do – or learn how to do. The Career Aptitude Index consists of three core aptitudes exercises – Verbal, Numerical and Abstract or Observational. Verbal, Numerical and Abstract skills are studied in everyday social, work and school situations to ensure that the questions are relevant and engaging.

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The Perfect Combination – The O.I.I and C.A.I

When the outcomes of the O.I.I and C.A.I are combined, a final career guidance report is generated based on our database of 1200 careers. This report lists 16 careers that are most suitable to your combined interests and aptitudes and provides guidance as to how to reduce that list of 16 to 5 and how to go about pursuing them.

This report – and the career list it provides – meets and surpasses the career guidance expectations of the vast majority people who complete Career Fit. However, if you have any queries in relation to any aspect of your report, do not hesitate to contact us at or on the phone at 014972067.


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