The 6 Traits That Will Make Your Teaching Lessons Stick

Make Your Lessons Stick

Ideas that stick are those that are understood and remembered. As an educator, you are at the frontline of stickiness. You have a limited time to help your students learn, understand and remember concepts and ideas. And that is pretty challenging. Most of your students aren’t running into school eager to learn about sedimentary rocks, trigonometry or compounds. But there … Read More

3 Useful Tips to Help Your Students Pick the Right Course

Picking College Courses

Overall, about one in six college students in Ireland do not progress to second year. However, the dropout rate is as high as 70% for many courses and fields such as construction, engineering and business studies have some of the highest dropout rates. Dropping out of college can be traumatic and costly for the student and their family and it … Read More

An Incredible Story – Teaching Children About Prejudice

Children start understanding prejudice by the time they turn three and by the time they enter pre-school, they can already see how characteristics such as skin colour or gender affect how people perceive them and their peers. Given that the Immigrant Council of Ireland recently stated that Muslims living in this country continue to suffer physical and verbal abuse as … Read More

How to Prepare Your Students for the World of Work

How to Prepare Your Students for the World of Work

For the past 20 years, employers have stated that they want employees who are able to display the 4 Cs – critical thinking, creativity, collaboration and communication skills. Secondary schools have a significant role in helping students develop these skills to prepare them for the world of work. In this blog post, we have listed four areas that need to … Read More

How Young People Make Career Decisions

How Young People Make Career Decisions

Research from the ESRI found that nearly 50% of young people regretted their post-leaving cert college and work choices and 53% said that they would not follow the same path again. This is reflected in the high college dropout rate (Around 1 in 6 students drop out in their first year). Research from sources such as Waterford Institute of Technology … Read More

5 Career Guidance Tips for School Leavers and Recent Graduates in Ireland

Image for career guidance advice for school leavers and grads

As many college graduates and school leavers enter the workforce in Dublin and Ireland for the first time, this blog post provides 5 career guidance tips to help them (the advice applies to others as well) navigate and excel in their career. From day one, you should do everything you can to add value to your employer. Nobody in your … Read More

Leaving Cert results don’t determine success in life

A man holding the words success

Thousands of teenagers have just completed their Leaving Certificate exams and they have spent the past year or more being told how important it is. It can be easy to feel that standardised exams such as the Leaving Certificate are society’s way of telling us what we are all worth and there’s no doubt that your results in these exams … Read More