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Our Offline Paper Based-Programme

In terms of content and outcomes, the paper-based Career Fit programme is exactly the same as the online version. The paper-based programme works in the following way:

1. The Client reads the questions from booklets and enters answers on answer sheets.
2. The answers are then assessed by an Assessor (Career Guidance Counsellor, Teacher, Employability Services Officer etc.) who transfers the answers on to an Occupational Interests Chart and an Aptitudes Chart.
3. The Career Fit Manual is used to get a list of 16 careers that are ideal for the client’s unique mix of interests and aptitudes.
4. The Assessor sits down with the client and proceeds to advise about how to reduce the list of 16 to 5 and how to go about getting into those careers – and once in one of them, what to do next.

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A Group of Happy Students after taking their online career assessment


To complete the paper-based version, the following materials ( some of which can be viewed on our main website – ) are required:

Core Benefits of Career Fit Offline

  • Trusted, Tested and Approved

    Career Fit has been trialled, tested and applied in schools and training centres throughout Ireland in paper and pencil format over the last 5 years. It is also on the Department of Education and Skills list of approved tests.

  • Accurately Predicts Job Success and Satisfaction

    Everything that we have learnt over the past 35 years in selecting candidates for a wide range of jobs on the one hand and guiding students and individuals into the most suitable careers for them on the other, has been incorporated into Career Fit to ensure that it accurately evaluates the practical competences and interests that have been proven to predict success and satisfaction in 1000 jobs.

  • Dedicated Customer Support

    We have a dedicated team who you can contact if you have any queries at all. You can contact us by email on or phone on 014972067.

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