Exciting CareerFit Updates for the 2024/2025 Academic Year!


As we approach the conclusion of this academic year and begin preparations for next year, we’re excited to unveil the latest updates coming to CareerFit for 2024/2025.

These enhancements are based on the valuable feedback from career guidance counsellors over the last few months, ensuring that our tools are not only effective but also aligned with the needs of both educators and students.

Class Group Folders on Your School Dashboard

A new addition to your School Dashboard is the Class Group Folders. This feature allows you to group students into class cohorts effortlessly. It’s designed to streamline the management of tracking and reporting, helping you keep tabs on each student’s progress and academic needs with ease.

Scheduled Invitations

Control is key in education planning, and with Scheduled Invitations, you can now manage when students receive their assessment invitations. This ensures that assessments are perfectly timed to fit into your academic schedule, providing a seamless integration of CareerFit assessments into your educational flow.

Subject Choices for Each Career

Empowering students to make informed decisions about their future is crucial. Our updated CareerFit report now includes insights into the subjects necessary for various career paths.  This helps students in selecting their subjects based on the career they aspire to pursue, adopting a proactive approach to their future.

Here are some sample subject recommendations:

Career Typically Required Subjects Typically Recommended Subjects
Forestry Organisation Executive English, Irish, Mathematics, Agriculture Science, Biology, Chemistry, Physics, Physics and Chemistry Business, Economics
Jockey None Agricultural Science, Biology, Chemistry, Physical Education, Physics, Physics and Chemistry
Telesales Operator English, Irish, Mathematics Third language, Economics, Home Economics
Car Racing Driver None Engineering, Physical Education, Technology

New Emerging Careers

In response to the rapidly changing job market, we’ve added exciting new career paths to explore. Here’s a brief overview of three notable careers:

Cloud Computing Specialist
A Cloud Computing Specialist manages the technology that lets us store data and use applications over the internet. In this role, you make sure these services run smoothly, are secure, and cost-effective. You’d work with IT teams to develop systems that meet a company’s needs, helping them use technology to improve their business. It’s a good fit if you like technology and are interested in how it can transform businesses.

Digital Content Strategist
As a Digital Content Strategist, you decide what online content a company should create to engage their audience. You plan and oversee content that ranges from blog posts to social media, ensuring it reaches and impacts the right people. This role suits someone creative who enjoys strategic planning and digital media.

Cyber Security Analyst
A Cyber Security Analyst protects a company’s computer systems and networks from cyber threats. Your job involves monitoring for threats, responding to attacks, and developing security measures to protect sensitive information. This role is crucial in keeping an organisation’s data safe and requires someone who is tech-savvy and good at problem-solving.

These updates are designed to help you plan effectively and provide the best guidance to your students.

If you’re interested in seeing these features in action or want a free trial before the summer holidays, don’t hesitate to get in touch today!