Career Fit is a practical online career guidance programme that can be completed at anytime, anywhere in the world and it provides instant feedback on the specific careers that are aligned with your unique mix of interests and aptitudes. CareerFit is designed for the following groups:

  • People who do not know what job, occupation or career is most likely to suit them.
  • People who are in a job or career that they don’t like.
  • People who can’t find a job.
  • People who haven’t found academic study to their liking.
  • People who are pessimistic about the future.

Career Fit has two parts – an interests part called the Occupational Interests Index (O.I.I.) and an aptitudes part called the Career Aptitudes Index (C.A.I.).

The Occupational Interests Inventory is not timed but typically takes 15-20 minutes.

In relation to the Career Aptitudes Index, you will be given 25 minutes to complete each aptitude test but each one typically takes between 15-20 minutes.

Many career tests seem similar to the school exams in subjects to which a sizable percentage of people do not relate. As a result, many do not see any point in doing them, switch off and do badly on them.

After years of scientific testing, Career Fit was created as the enjoyable and engaging career test that people like to take. Career Fit has also been scientifically-validated as a programme that helps people find careers, occupations and jobs that they will find interesting and be well able to do – or learn how to do.

Career Fit scientifically combines your interests and aptitudes to provide a list of jobs that you will find interesting and that you will be well able to do – or learn how to do. No other career guidance programme, anywhere, does this.

Career Fit has been designed by our internal team at ETC Consult, led by a Chartered Psychologist with over 40 years experience in psychometric selection and guidance. It has been accredited by organisations such as the Department of Education and Skills and is included in the Department’s list of approved tests for second level schools.

It has been accredited by the Psychometrics Committee of the Institute of Guidance Counsellors and has been recommended by the Department of Social Protections to its clients who are finding it difficult to find a suitable job, occupations and career.

In addition, ETC Consult is accredited by the British Psychology Society to train Guidance Counsellors, Human Resources Managers and Line Managers in the professional use of psychometric tests in Guidance and Selection to the highest professional standards across the EU.

Career Fit can be completed with or without the assistance of a Career Adviser, Employability Services Officer or parent.

The report generated on completion of the interests inventory and 3 aptitude tests is very straightforward; 16 specific careers are listed; directions are given on how to reduce that 16 to a shortlist of 5; further directions are given on how to go about getting into any one of those five and how to progress your career thereafter. However, our Career Development Consultants are always available to answer any query that you may have on any aspect of your report. We want you to get the best possible career guidance result from your investment in Career Fit.