CareerFit Sample Report: See What Your Future Holds

Unlock your Career Potential

CareerFit is a combination of a 21st century Occupational Interests Inventory and three key Aptitude Tests that are criterion-referenced so the items are related to the difficulty level of 1,200+ up to date careers from semi-skilled to highest professional and management levels.

Suitable for Everyone

Whether you’re academically gifted or more practically inclined, highly motivated or seeking a clear direction, CareerFit can help. Our assessments are designed to be accessible and insightful for students at all levels.

Personalized Career Insights

Your CareerFit report delivers a personalised analysis of your strengths and interests. It highlights 16 potential career paths, providing detailed descriptions of each role and the educational pathways to get you there.

Save Valuable Time

CareerFit takes the legwork out of career exploration. We handle the administration, scoring, and interpretation of assessments, saving you and your guidance counselor valuable time and effort.

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