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Which students does Career Fit help?

For a number of years, Career Guidance Counsellors, Teachers, Principals and Educators have expressed concern about the suitability of traditional aptitude tests for all Senior Cycle Students. They have observed that such tests were too academic for a significant minority of students who did not score well on them and got little or no benefit from them in terms of choosing careers or higher or further educational courses.

We, at ETC Consult took up the challenge of designing and developing an online, career guidance programme (Career Fit) to specifically meet the needs of this cohort. This cohort consists of students who have scored or are likely to score less than 400 points in the Leaving Certificate or those who have have not scored well on more traditional aptitude tests like DATs and Cambridge. Career Fit helps such students discover the best career path for them after second level education.

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A Student taking Career Fit

What is CareerFit?

Career Fit is a combination of an Occupational Interests Inventory and 3 Core Aptitude Tests. It evaluates the practical competences and interests that have been proven to predict success and satisfaction in 1000 careers. After a student completes the interest inventory and aptitude tests, Career Fit automatically generates a detailed report which lists 16 careers that are most suitable for that individual student’s unique mix of interests and aptitudes. The report also provides advice about how to go about getting into those careers and an inspirational message on how to progress in them and onwards from them.

Career Fit uses an easy to understand format, real-life scenarios and it includes practical questions derived from the difficulty level of 1000 different careers to ensure that it doesn’t feel like a typical academic assessment. As a result of this design, even students with lower levels of academic ability or educational attainment will never end up feeling demoralised while completing the Career Fit exercises. They will usually get a significant boost to their self-esteem when viewing their results and reading their report.

Why should I trust Career Fit?

Career Fit is on the Department of Education and Skills list of approved tests and it has been developed by our team at ETC Consult who have 35 years of experience in designing psychometric tests. We have also trained over 900 Career Guidance Counsellors across Ireland in the use of psychometric assessments to BPS standards.

Everything that we have learnt over the past 35 years in selecting candidates for a wide range of jobs on the one hand and guiding students and individuals into the most suitable careers for them on the other, has been incorporated in the conception, design and implementation of Career Fit. Career Fit has been trialled, tested and applied in schools and training centres throughout Ireland in paper and pencil format over the last 5 years and the software that we used to convert it into an online product has been rigorously trialled and tested.

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Pat Shortt
Pat Shortt – Managing Director & Psychometric Testing Expert

What makes CareerFit different?

No other career assessment programme seamlessly integrates and combines interests and aptitudes to generate valid career recommendations. By combining interests and aptitudes, you can be confident that not only will your students be interested in these careers, they will also have the ability to do well and progress in them. Also, many other online career assessments used by secondary schools don’t link the results of aptitude tests to the level of difficulty required to perform real-world jobs. Our aptitude testing is more robust because, for 35 years, Pat Shortt and the team at ETC Consult have been using aptitude tests to identify the best candidates for a vast range of roles. We used this experience to design questions for Career Fit that actually determine whether a person has the ability to succeed in a particular role.

Also, many other assessments compare a students performance on tests with the performance of their peers on the same test, in terms of percentiles (norm-referenced testing) whereas Career Fit compares performance on tests against the required ability level necessary to learn how to do a job (criterion-referenced testing).

Core Benefits of Career Fit for Schools

  • Group Discount

    CareerFit usually costs €49 per person but we are offering schools a discounted price of €20 per student. To avail of this discount, you are required to purchase a minimum of 5 credits for your students when you purchase a license. Each credit allows one student to take Career Fit one time.

  • Instantaneous Personalised Reports

    When an individual student completes Career Fit, an instantaneous career guidance report, based on our database of over 1,000 careers, is generated. This report lists 16 careers that best relate to the individual’s combined interests and aptitudes and provides guidance as to how to reduce that list of 16 to 5 and how to go about pursuing them. To view a sample report, please click on the following link.

  • More Valuable One-On-One Time

    Students will be able to complete Career Fit and the Career Guidance Counsellor will have their reports in advance of their career discussions. This will result in much more focused sessions and much more personalised and relevant communication.

  • Mobile & Tablet Friendly

    Career Fit automatically adjusts to fit the device that students are using. This ensures that they will not encounter any issues when they are taking the assessment on desktop, mobile or tablet devices.

  • Flexible Payment Methods

    Career Fit can be paid for via credit card, bank transfer or whatever method suits your school best. Once we receive payment, we will activate the license.

  • Online Management System

    You can access our online management system directly so that you can manage assessments for a large group of students. This will include a password protected link, a flexible reporting tool and details such as student and account information. All personal data on the sysem has been encrypted to the highest standards to ensure that it is secure.

  • Dedicated Customer Support

    We have a dedicated team who can address any queries or questions you may have. This team can be contacted by email at or phone on 014972067.

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