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Unsure What Career Is Right For You?

If you are a secondary school, college or university student, you should know that if you pick the wrong career, it could not only make you unhappy, you could incur significant monetary losses over your lifetime. The decision to pick your career is the most important decision you will make and our validated scientific methods will provide you with a list of career options that are aligned with your unique mix of interests and strengths. 

ETC Consult (the company who created Career Fit) have been working with hundreds of schools and universities in Ireland for 35 years to help students find their ideal career.

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How Can I Know What’s Right For Me?

The wrong career choice could lead to unhappiness but how can you be expected to know what’s ideal for you? Career Fit is an online career interests and aptitude assessment that helps you to clarify your options by providing you with a list of careers and jobs that are suitable for you based on your unique mix of motivations and abilities. Career Fit also provides actionable advice on how to go about getting into your ideal career.

Student Thinking About His Career Choices

What Makes Career Fit Unique?

  • It's Enjoyable

    Most career tests and assessments are reminscent of exams that many students don’t enjoy. Career Fit uses game mechanics and real-life situations to ensure that the questions asked will be engaging and straightforward.

  • It's Designed For People Of Differing Abilities

    Many career tests and assessments are designed to cater only to people who are highly academic. Career Fit is designed for both relatively academically oriented people and those who are not very academically oriented.

  • It Works

    The creators of Career Fit are experienced and qualified occupational psychologists with 35 years of experience helping companies select staff at all levels on the one hand and helping students find their ideal career on the other. Everything that they have learnt over those years has been incorporated into Career Fit.

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