For Unemployed People

Unemployed or Struggling to Get Work?

Are you fed up trawling the jobsites and applying for roles you’re not even interested in? You may be looking for any full-time work that will help you pay the bills. However, our advice is take a step back and find a job that truly suits you, one where you can grow, be happy and make money. Based on our 35 years of experience helping people like you find new and better careers, we can tell you that you could be missing out on a career of fulfillment, happiness and monetary gain beyond your wildest dreams.

Career Fit’s scientifically validated methodology can help you to find that fulfilling career by providing you with a list of career options that are perfectly aligned with your unique mix of interests and strengths.

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Unemployed Man Looking for a Job

Why Career Fit?

  • It Works

    The creators of Career Fit are qualified and experienced occupational psychologists who have used their 35 years of expertise to design this scientifically-validated career guidance programme. Career Fit has been endorsed by numerous professional bodies and it is recommended by Career Officers of the Department of Social Protection for people who are struggling to find a suitable job, occupation or career.

  • It is Engaging

    Most career assessments and tests are academic, boring and remind you of exams. Our career assessment is a user-friendly questionnaire and aptitude test exercise that incorporates game mechanics and real-life scenarios to ensure that it is engaging, enjoyable, practical and accessible.

  • It is Practical

    Career Fit will provide you with practical insights not only in relation to what careers are right for you, but also the best way to go about getting into and progressing in them.

Never Look for Work Again

By taking our online career interests questionnaire and aptitude exercises, you can find a list of careers and occupations that are ideal for you. Stop looking for any job and start building a career that will provide you with more fulfillment and a better income.

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